Ever since we were born we've been expected to do great things; but not just by our parents. People created standards to make it so that we have things to abide by, for teachers to abide by too. Teachers use Common Core standards to create assignments for students to complete, and increase their knowledge of the subject.
   These standards correspond to studies that have been made on every grade, and are still being perfected to make sure every student and every teacher knows how they are supposed to learn and teach.
   There are many standards that were made to make a learning environment as best as possible.
Several of these standards talk about working with others, since associating with other people is a big part of many jobs these days.
   Critical thinking is another. It involves thinking outside the box; people who are good at this have many opportunities already waiting for them. Classes usually begin reading a book, then discuss every single theme of the book. To show what the students know, they can work on projects or special assignments designed around that book. Usually it can be fun for the students. Usually.
   I think that most of the standards are pretty accurate; some might be a little demanding for the student. In the end, the best of the best were chosen to study and create these standards. If the student has enough rigor to follow them, then they'll be fit to do anything that's put up against them.
   What do you think about these standards? I'd like to hear.


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