When you ask to go to your favorite restaurant, what are you really going for?
Some people might say to eat their favorite food. But why is it their favorite food? Because of the taste!

You should already know about the 5 senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. Today, I am here to talk about them in this most recent installment of "Write my Biography."
A small guide to the 5 senses:


Sight is obviously used to see things to be able to quickly react to something that is, for instance, about to hit you, like a baseball or basketball.


Smell is used to determine if an area or object is safe to interact with. If something smells bad then you probably won't want to go near it.


Touch is a very important sense. It is an alert system, and reward system. If you are hurt your body, reacting to the pain, wants to get away from the source of the pain. If something feels good, for example getting a massage, you want more of it.


Hearing is similar to smell. If you hear something unsettling, such as a lion roaring or a "ghostly moan," you will want to stay away from the source of the sound. If you hear something inviting, such as your mother's voice, you will want to respond or go towards the source of the sound.


Taste is a very interesting sense. It is similar to touch, in that is can act as an alert and a reward system. If you taste something good, you will want to swallow it and eat more of it. If something tastes bad, then you will probably spit it out.

For the second part of this post, I am going to be talking about giving up one of these senses.
Now, I know that some people are born without some of these senses, and I'm writing this with all-do respect to the unfortunate.

Out of the 5 senses, I have chosen that I would sacrifice taste. I have thought it over quite a bit, and I have decided that it would be the least important sense. I'm not saying it isn't important, I'm just saying it's the least important of the other 4 senses.

I do think giving up taste for the rest of my life would be hard, but it might actually benefit me. I could eat anything I want without worrying about taste, as I am a very picky eater.

Thank you for reading this rather long post, and if you read all of it then you have my respect! Comment below about what sense you would give up, and why.



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