Many people are clueless when it comes to Spring in Yuma, AZ. For those people, I have written a few tips that you can use to grasp a basic understanding of how to keep yourself cool and healthy!

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    Feeling the Heat

Getting to school in the intense heat of mid-spring and early summer is usually very hard and can even be dangerous to do by walking. While some people have the luxury of riding bikes to and from school and/or have parents that drive them, some people are limited to walking.

During the summer, it may be a good idea to ride the bus home from school. Take advantage of what's given to you.

And while the weather now may be okay for walking, it won't be for long...
...Early spring and it's already above the eighties! While it is typical for Yuma, we still have to be cautious. Try to stay in the shade, and if you start to get headaches, drink plenty of water. Even though you may not think it, you could be suffering from dehydration!

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  Getting the Sniffles

For some people, allergies like a whole other season of the year...
But there is a season for allergies. Spring.

Spring is a time of year where the air is pretty much full of pollen, the main cause of allergies. Some people were born with a great immune system, while others were born with a runny nose!

If you're one of those people who wake up with a backed-up nose and stay that way until bed, you would probably be better off taking allergy medicine. While it does cost some $$$, it will definitely be worth it if you're tired of the Spring Headaches.

Another problem is keeping your hands clean. Do you know how many people touch the desk you lay your head down on? And even more importantly, do you know how many of those people don't wash their hands as frequently as going to the restroom 3 times a day?

Pretty gross, huh? That's because is.

Countless research has shown that washing your hands is one of the best things that you can do to prevent catching the Flu, so stay clean and stay healthy!



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