After our hard work and toil throughout the year, we have finally made it to ISTE 2013. I was one of the seven students to go to San Antonio to help with the student showcase, and I must say: What a huge convention it is! The San Antonio Convention Center is a huge facility, housing tons of presentation rooms and exhibit halls and enough space for hundred - no, thousands of people at once!

When the time came for us to set up our showcase, I'll admit that it was much different than I thought it'd be. I didn't know much about ISTE before now, so it was all a huge learning experience.

During the showcase I met many teachers that were interested in what we were doing. Not only interested; they saw how fondly we thought of the extensive use of technology in the classroom and wanted to do the same for their students. That was a great feeling knowing that you had what other people would love to have too, and that you could give it to them and spread the word about it simply by showing and informing them of our showcase!

While we were in San Antonio, we didn't just go to the convention; we visited the Alamo, got to tour a "Guinness World Records Museum," and ate at many different restaurants. My favorite thing that we did during our "free" day of the trip was go on a boat ride through the well-known Riverwalk. Our tour-guide gave us lots of historical facts and information about different landmarks of the area; it was definitely a big moment of our trip.

Like I said, we finally made it after a year's worth of rigorous fundraising and planning, and oh, was it worth it!
I wish the next group of techEteens the best of luck!

-Justin, techEteen


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