Whenever we see a commercial for a new, high-tech device on TV, the first thing we think is probably "I bet that costs a boat load." We are completely right, modern technology does cost quite a bit. But compared to how much technology used to cost...

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Atari 2600; Once sold for $200, now can sell for $589 or more!
You know that neat little Nintendo Wii? Retail for the Wii is currently $200. The weak, old Atari 2600 that modern teenagers would laugh at if someone called it "fun" sold for $200 back in the day. The Atari 2600 was the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 of the '70s. Today, the Atari 2600 would cost about $589.

Prices these days are actually quite reasonable considering how much more efficient and easy-to-use today's technology is, compared to  30-40 years ago. While technology gets more advanced, the economy will have to adjust. In the future, perhaps, as technology advances, prices will get comparingly lower and lower.


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