Using the World Wide Web is a very easy and resourceful thing to do, however it can also be dangerous. Many innocent people each year surf the web with good intent only to be faced with malicious viruses and pop-up ad scams.

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People new to web surfing definitely need some experience passed on from people who use the Internet often. There are many online scams and software with the intent of infiltrating your computer and stealing your personal information, and often may lead to identity theft. While anti-virus software may help, it all comes to the awareness of the user. Here is an example of an event in which something pops up while you are working on the computer.
Here is another ThingLink to represent a bad pop-up. This is one that comes up to grab an inexperienced user's attention to trick and scam them. I call them "Pop-Up Scams."
According to how many bad stuff is on the Internet these days we have to be so careful not to be tricked into doing something we really don't want to do. If something like these ever pop up, be sure to tell a parent or teacher before clicking anything!

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