There is never complete anarchy. Complete anarchy would mean a world in which everyone is against everyone else, in this world being with other people is nearly mandatory to survive.
   There will always be a group of people, no matter how small, and even if it is near complete anarchy, it will end eventually. Someone will figure out that anarchy isn't worth it and begin a permanent settlement and maybe even a small government.
   What I'm trying to say is that anarchy will not last long, because as long as people want power over other people, there will always be some form of government; any form. A life of anarchy and isn't worth living. No matter how uncontrollable a world with no laws is... It won't be for long

   On another note, I'd like to talk about no rules as a child. You're living in the same house you are now, except you're allowed to do anything you want and you aren't taught anything by your parents. Anything. In fact, your parents might as well not even be there.
   Let's also say that you're the only person at your school who has absolutely no rules to live by. You wouldn't know how to behave, you might not be as intelligent as you should be, and you unfortunately might not have any friends. You'd pretty much be in the dark as to what life is like outside of the house... Unless you chose to leave yourself, considering you could do anything you want.
   Doesn't sound very pleasant, right? That's because it isn't.


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