Being innovative is, plain and simply, thinking outside of the box.
We have all heard that saying (maybe a bit too often), but that's all that being innovative is.
Conventional thinking is the opposite of innovative thinking. If you are being a conventional thinker, then you won't really be doing anything beneficial, because it has either already been done or isn't helpful.

If you are being an innovative thinker, then you will be the one that invents the 'next big thing;'
an innovator writes the new best song, and an innovator becomes the next U.S. president, and gets rich and famous. People are rewarded for being an innovative thinker, but what makes them innovative?

They think differently from others.
Not just differently, but they think more.... 'complex' then others. They see things in a way that others would have never imagined. When they put their ideas in motion they are rewarded for it.

A young Steve Jobs and his motto, "Think Different."


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