Podcasting is something that not everyone can do. However, the people who do it for a living are paid to podcast because they are good at it. The most important part about podcasting is the way you sound, and the way you talk.

If you talk like you've just woken up, people aren't going to listen to the whole thing. If you talk with enthusiasm, like you're actually interested in the subject, then people will get interested in it too.

Another thing to make sure you DON'T do is talk like you're reading from a script. Podcasting usually involves at least a little improv. Improv is the act of talking without a script. If you use a script while podcasting, you're going to sound like you're reading off of a script, unless you're good at speaking like you're just winging it.

You don't always need to improvise, because if you are actually just winging it, then you are at the risk of repeating the same information over again or pausing to think about what you're going to say next. If you're going to podcast, just make a simple outline or list of the things you want to talk about, and fill in-between with good adjectives or words that make the listener think about the subject.
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03/26/2013 11:11am

These were super great tips Justin! You're so right about how we're supposed to read the script. If everyone followed these tips we'd have some pretty amazing podcasts.


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